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What do a pirate and formative assessment have in common?

Mapa del tesoro

It seems a joke, but it is not: What do a pirate and formative assessment have in common?

Pirates arose as a result of the increase in international trade carried out on the high seas. Many pirates dedicated themselves to assaulting ships or robbing the coasts of many cities, keeping their treasure in caves and other inaccessible places. In order not to forget the place where they kept their large booty, the pirates had maps drawn up that allowed them to return to their treasure.

For its part, formative assessment is an approach recently incorporated into education that is aimed at improving student performance in teaching and learning contexts. In this sense, it is necessary to consider the achievement of learning as a hidden treasure. How could we find it?

Formative assessment guides students, teachers and parents to understand not only where the student is (or his level of performance) but also the path, the route that must be followed to reach this learning achievement. By having all the actors with a clear vision of the starting and finishing point of the expected level of student skills (which are ideally defined as standards), achievable goals can be established and tracked. the process of learning itself, revealing learning gaps, if any, and consequently taking steps to achieve those goals effectively.

This approach, therefore, is developed in the very process of learning. In this sense, the diagnostic evaluation and the final evaluation are an important part of the "formative" dimension. Its aim is to provide feedback to students, teachers and parents on the progress of each student to help improve their understanding and develop their skills.

For example, if a student has difficulties in a specific area, the formative evaluation helps to identify those aspects in which the student needs more mediation from the teacher, and more support from their parents. This allows each teacher to adapt their teaching and follow the learning strategies selected by their students so that they can progress and reach the learning goals established initially.

Formative assessment is useful for parents, as it allows them to understand how their child is progressing and which areas need more attention and follow-up. This allows them to provide extra support for their children at home and ensure they are getting the help they need to be successful.

In summary, formative assessment is a valuable methodology for measuring student progress and performance. That is, it is a treasure map that allows you to identify the path to reach the hidden loot that is learning skills.


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