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Our services

Based on a diagnosis tailored to each educational institution, we provide personalized services to cover a range of needs focused on the continuous improvement of educational quality.

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Legal services

We work closely with educational institutions to provide legal services to institutions such as INDECOPI, SUNAFIL and others that adapt to their needs. Check out the services we offer below.


Accounting advice

We offer a wide variety of accounting and financial services. Whether you need to perform an audit, inventory, or tax return, we'd love to help. Read on to learn more about what we offer.

reunión de negocios

management consulting

We update and elaborate all the management instruments of educational institutions (PEI, PCI, Internal Regulations and PAT). The most important thing is that we advise with different strategies, to achieve the basic conditions of quality from an effective management.


management consulting

As part of the implementation of the basic conditions of quality, Educational Institutions must have up-to-date and consistent management instruments with the teaching-learning process, and consistent with the current national educational policy. Our team accompanies you to diagnose, improve and develop the following management instruments:

  • Institutional educational project

  • Institutional Curriculum Project

  • Rules of Procedure

  • Annual Work Plan

  • Other management instruments  


Accounting advice

  • Review and evaluation of administrative and accounting control tools.

  • Accounting service, in relation to the control, registration and process of operations and/or accounting transactions.

  • Electronic accounting books.

  • Analysis of accounts and managerial reports.

  • Sworn Declarations of Monthly Taxes.

  • Annual Affidavit.

  • Accounting-Tax advice and consultancy regarding operations and/or transactions of the Educational Institution

Revisión del acuerdo legal

Legal services

  • Review of charges for educational items not permitted by INDECOPI.

  • Representation before INDECOPI in various cases: Charges in Excess Enrollment, Legal Interest, School Uniforms and Supplies, Non-Administratively Authorized Fees, Selection of School Texts, Accident Insurance, Claims Books, Bullying Procedures, Advance Pensions, etc.

  • Flowchart of Processes for the collection of Enrollment and Pensions.

  • Advice on the adequacy of the Complaints Book

  • Adaptation of the Law that Promotes Coexistence without Violence in Educational Institutions and its Regulations.

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